Knowledge of Substance

From early childhood, we spend most of our time learning academic knowledge and what we need to know to be considered "civilized and educated." What is missing in our education process is the subject - Life Knowledge. In the 21st Century information technology has made it possible for anyone to learn real knowledge of substance, and educate yourself beyond what is taught in conventional schooling. The following subjects are explained by a variety of intellects and thinkers throughout history. Their literary works can be found in our Library of Knowledge. Learn and Live Well
Ancient History
  • Energy and Consciousness

  • Human Evolution

  • Reality and Physical Reality

  • People of different Worlds

  • Truth about Legends and Myths 

Worldly Matters
  • Finance - Explained for Youth

  • Choosing Career Paths

  • A Global Professional Community

  • Cultural Differences

The Whole Self
  • Consciousness and our Soul

  • Understanding our Ego

  • The Duality of Human Life

  • The 4 Aspects of Human Existence

The Universe
  • Overview and Perspective

  • Law of Energy

  • Law of Attraction

  • The Science of Universal Laws

The Process of Thought
  • Atoms and Molecules

  • The Human Brain and Mind

  • The role of Science and Consciousness

  • Developing Mind Power

  • The importance of Emotions

  • Physical Conditioning of the Body

  • Good Mental Health

  • Food for thought

Library of Knowledge

Literary works from recognized thinkers, intellectuals, spiritual teachers and educators from the world within and without.

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