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A Moment of Truth

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A Moment of Truth

Until now, you have been taught only what you are capable of understanding. Because the world in now changing, as humans evolve, it's time to learn the rest of the story. It's time to learn the truth about your existence - why you have the abilities you have, and how to use them. Through sharing excerpts from my book, or other exciting knowledge, I hope to push your boundaries of learning and challenge you. Welcome to A Moment of Truth. Learn and Live Well

Truth About Our Human Ancestry #3

We are not alone, and have never been alone on this planet! (Part 3)

The good thing about the truth is that sooner or later, the "truth will be known." In 2008, a television producer named Kevin Burns took an interest in the knowledge presented in Erich von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods and produced a documentary dealing with some of this subject matter. The broadcast program was well received and became the impetus for the creation of a show exploring questions such as, "Who were they?" "Why did they come?" "What did they leave behind?" "Where did they go?" "Will they return?" It was to be a program that presented REAL information about what we know and ask the big question: "What if?" The show, called Ancient Aliens, airs on the History channel. While it stops short of stating the obvious or coming to the conclusions I have shared here, it does present factual information and findings from all over the world in support of our human ancestry. The show first aired on March 8, 2009, and has been a popular program ever science. I think a reason for this is that it speaks the truth.

The show finally gave a voice to those who have been a part of our history and who continue to play a role in our development - extraterrestrials. The people that support this program and monitor or report on what they call "alien activity" believe wholeheartedly in the truth as I have shared. Working in this field and seeing the documentation that they see on a daily basis tends to make a believer out of even the most staunch skeptic. I have read the information, watched programs, studied our evolution, and researched available documentation on this topic, and I can tell you that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize the truth about our ancestry.

SEARCH: WORLD HERITAGE SITES and cultures. Get to know your ancient ancestors. Places like: Acropolis of Athens, Greece - Machu Picchu, Peru - Chichen Itza, Mexico - Anasazi Culture, New Mexico - Giza Pyramid Complex, Egypt - Kailasa Temple, India.

So why is this information important to you, and what is the significance of it as it relates to your life? It comes back to my original statement about knowing who you are and where you come from. Consciousness and our ancestors, who evolved on this planet, brought, taught, and left technology that was and is significantly more advanced that ours. Truth. Instead of debating whether or not these life forms were here, we should be learning about what they taught, the knowledge they left behind, and how to access that knowledge. We should be pressuring governments to release knowledge they have hidden from the people for generations (this is happening now), the very people that our ancient ancestry helped to create - us. It's about time that everyone knows the truth and works together for everyone to have a better understanding of it.

Speaking of governments, I will end this chapter with a very interesting story. The story of Valiant Thor. SEARCH: Valiant Thor. In brief, it is the story about a man (a friend from another reality) who showed up around the White House in 1957, during the Eisenhower presidency. Legend has it that Val was here on a three year mission to invite us to join the interstellar community, who'd had their eyes on us ever since the atomic bomb blasts of World War II. He met with the president and Vice President Nixion, and even stayed in an apartment at the Pentagon until March 16, 1960, three years later. After that, he was never seen again!

The show, Ancient Aliens, usually airs on Friday Nights on the History channel (channel 72 on Spectrum). They usually show multiple episodes, one right after the other. This Friday they start at 7:00 p.m. and continue until 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning for you late goers.

As always, I encourage your participation. SEARCH: and learn. If you have a question, let me know. Take the time to learn something NEW, tell your family and friends, and join the conversation. It's exciting and fun! I look forward to hearing from you. The Artisan Victor

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