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A Moment of Truth

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A Moment of Truth

Until now, you have been taught only what you are capable of understanding. Because the world in now changing, as humans evolve, it's time to learn the rest of the story. It's time to learn the truth about your existence - why you have the abilities you have, and how to use them. Through sharing excerpts from my book, or other exciting knowledge, I hope to push your boundaries of learning and challenge you. Welcome to A Moment of Truth. Learn and Live Well

The World Within and Without #2

The duality of our existence - a psychic framework AND a physical framework. (Part 2 of 3)

Select excerpts from Chapter 6: The world without is represented by your body, the animal side of you that resides in the physical world, the reality that we see, touch, and smell every day. It is also sometimes referred to as the "objective world." It's basically your life and is controlled by both your world within and your ego, the level of consciousness closest to the world without. Without trying to be confusing, know that because your ego is a form of consciousness, it is also part of your world within. There is a complicated explanation for this that requires a great deal of understanding and is beyond the scope of this book (I'll save that for Life Knowledge 102). Therefore, I will take a cue from Seth and try to make sense of it by comparing it to an ongoing theater drama.

FROM THE SETH SESSIONS: #512 January 27, 1970

"The 'outer ego' and the inner ego operate together, the one to enable you to manipulate in the world that you know, the other to bring you those delicate inner perceptions, without which physical existance could not be maintained.

In brief, it is the nature of the ego to manipulate within physical reality. It is aware of the inner self, your soul, and the knowledge it possesses. As it grows, ever present in the physical world, it is looking for confirmation of this inner knowledge. I'll let Seth explain the rest:

FROM THE SETH SESSIONS: #585 May 12, 1971

"The inner self upholds the ego with its support. It forms its truths into physically- oriented data, with which the ego can deal. It then projects these outward into the area of physical reality. Seeing these truths thus materialized, the ego then finds it easier to accept them."

The drama is created by the ego, particularly in its early stages, searching for answers. When the soul shares the joy it feels in the expression of love, having good character, taking care of family and friends, succeeding and having confidence, holding a baby, appreciating life, or even the continuing progress of humanity and the human spirit; the individual does great things and life becomes better for all. This happens when you learn to identify with your soul, when you recognize it as a fundamental aspect of your life. It is your partner and is ever present to help you understand your true nature.

The drama continues with a dilemma for the ego when it is confronted with survival of the fittest, the situations in life that bring about animal characteristics and behavior. When this happens, the ego's connection to the animal is then heightened, the reasons for its existance become unclear, and it has a difficult time accepting the truths the soul is sharing. The ego reverts back to its inner separation from All That Is and accepts truth based only on the physical data presented within its environment. It then either barely survives or thrives according to its own ability. While it knows the difference between the spirit and the beast, it often succumbs to desire and selfish behavior. This struggle has been going on for thousands of years, as evidenced by sexual promiscuity, unhealthy aggression and competition, power and domination over other humans, greed, and vanity. The way in which the animal deals with much of this is in direct conflict with the soul. This drama continues today as I write these words. (Part 3 next week)

As always, I encourage your participation. SEARCH: and learn. If you have a question, let me know. Take the time to learn something NEW, tell your family and friends, and join the conversation. It's exciting and fun! I look forward to hearing from you. The Artisan Victor

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