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A Moment of Truth

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A Moment of Truth

Until now, you have been taught only what you are capable of understanding. Because the world in now changing, as humans evolve, it's time to learn the rest of the story. It's time to learn the truth about your existence - why you have the abilities you have, and how to use them. Through sharing excerpts from my book, or other exciting knowledge, I hope to push your boundaries of learning and challenge you. Welcome to A Moment of Truth. Learn and Live Well

The World Within and the World Without

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

The duality of our existence - a psychic framework AND a physical framework. (Part 1)

Select excerpts from Chapter 6: The world within and without is an important concept that will change your understanding of life and your relationship with the Universe forever. It is literally the core of who we are as human beings. It's both simple and complex, in that there are different ways of explaining the effects and dynamics of the world within and the world without. Simply put, there is a duality to our lives that, if understood correctly, gives every human being a certain degree of control over his/her life. It gives you the ability to become what you want to become and to have what you desire and deserve in life, not what you think you want or wish for without merit.

The duality I am talking about is your body and soul, the spirit and the beast. I think everyone can agree that humans are of the animal kingdom - it's pretty much fact. We walk around the planet as animals. We eat and sleep like animals, procreate (have offspring) like animals, hunt and kill like beasts. We're animals. The part that starts to get fuzzy for most people is the fact that we also have a soul. We are a spirit connected to the Universe, consciousness, and All Than Is.

As I said at the beginning of the book, religion was created by consciousness as an instrument to teach human beings about spirituality, your inner self, and the world within (a non-physical reality). Human beings have now evolved to the point that individual spiritual recognition can be realized without the religious dogma and traditions that were needed long ago. It's time to get back to basics, know that there is one true God, a Creator, All That Is. We need to recognize that we all have a soul. It's time to learn about this entity - and a psychic framework known as consciousness - with practical applications and an understanding of truth.

Know that the world within is a vibrant and vital Universe based in consciousness and creativity. It is represented by your soul, who you really are. It is this human spirit, a multidimensional entity, that connects you to All That Is. Know that it is a very real relationship that controls the world without (your life) through your thoughts. It is fundamental, meaning you would not be you without it. It is the other part of you that you have never spent time learning about. Religions try to teach this. They just do it in such a way that's difficult for most people to figure out, let alone how to actually apply it in your life. They use words that sound pretty and majestic, but the meaning and application of these words is often unclear. Furthermore, each religion has its own rules, writings, and traditions to follow, which is confusing. Science, physics in particular, explains the world within using solid facts, but it's done in such a way - and with a language of their own - that it's hard for people to know what to do with the explanation. Psychologists have a good understanding of consciousness, but their explanation does not take into account the whole truth. They are still "not sure!?" (Part two next week)

"When the individual mind touches the Universal mind, it receives all the power

it requires. This is the World Within. All science recognizes the reality of this world,

and all power is contingent upon our recognition of this world." Master Key System

by Charles Haanel

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