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A Moment of Truth

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A Moment of Truth

Until now, you have been taught only what you are capable of understanding. Because the world in now changing, as humans evolve, it's time to learn the rest of the story. It's time to learn the truth about your existence - why you have the abilities you have, and how to use them. Through sharing excerpts from my book, or other exciting knowledge, I hope to push your boundaries of learning and challenge you. Welcome to A Moment of Truth. Learn and Live Well

The Truth About Our Human Ancestry

We are not alone, and have never been alone on this planet! (Part 1)

So the truth is, we all have ancient ancestors and a connection with consciousness (in one form or another) that dates back thousands of years. If you took some time to study the evolution of the human species, you would learn about early Homo sapiens, Neanderthals, Homo erectus (modern man) and everything in between. A simple study of the wide variety of human skulls found on this planet, where they were found, how old they are, and the DNA left behind, has given us a good look at the development of the animal but not a clear understanding of HOW this development took place.

How did we become so smart? How did our brains get bigger and bigger? How did our cognitive skills become so advanced compared to other animals? The only way to achieve this type of evolution in a species in such a short period of time is through breeding, cross-breeding, and the alteration of DNA - human DNA. If people from other worlds or other physical realities exist in the same form as us (and look similar to us), instead of like something out of a science fiction movie, then of course, this makes perfect sense.

Hold onto that thought for just a moment and think about this. In 1968, a man named Erich von Daniken wrote and published a book called Chariots of the Gods. While it initially drew a lot of criticism from the intellectual community, it has since been recognized as real knowledge of substance. It is worthy of serious conversation concerning the validity of galactic pioneers (extraterrestrials) and their contribution to the human species of planet Earth. Erich's travel to lost cities, ancient ruins, spaceports, and the examination of scientific facts about archeological finds concerning the life and culture of our ancient ancestors has generated such interest that he sold millions of books worldwide. The documentation he presents in this book is real, irrefutable evidence - openly discussed by credible people in-the-know. The point is, we need to stop saying "Maybe this happened" and accept the truth. We now need to move beyond our fears and embrace the future.

Because of the Internets range and versatility at the turn of the century, the ability to add to established information, research peripheral information to one's subject, and to share information has made it possible to recognize and find truth, where the truth has otherwise been obscured for centuries. The Internet has become a huge database, and an important tool for discovery in all walks of life. (Part 2 next week)

As always, I encourage your participation. If you have a question, let me know. Take the time to learn something NEW, tell your family and friends, and join the conversation. It's exciting and fun! I look forward to hearing from you. The Artisan Victor

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