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A Moment of Truth

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A Moment of Truth

Until now, you have been taught only what you are capable of understanding. Because the world in now changing, as humans evolve, it's time to learn the rest of the story. It's time to learn the truth about your existence - why you have the abilities you have, and how to use them. Through sharing excerpts from my book, or other exciting knowledge, I hope to push your boundaries of learning and challenge you. Welcome to A Moment of Truth. Learn and Live Well

The Law of Attraction

A basic understanding of the most popular and well known Universal law - the Law of Attraction.

Select excerpts from Chapter 8:

First, the Law of Attraction is not magic. Some people talk about it as if it is. The reason for that is the experiences they have when they get involved with this knowledge. Sometimes things happen very quickly, making it seem like magic. Even if you know nothing about the Law of Attraction, it's possible to understand and apply this knowledge. Consequently, it has a powerful impact on the lives of those that take it to heart.

Secondly, it is a real law, a Universal law, sometimes called a Natural law, in the same category as the Law of Gravitation (gravity) and the laws that govern electricity and light. The Law of Attraction operates like an exact science, just as do other laws that most people never learn about. The laws that govern gravity, electricity, and light are too complex for most people to understand, but they exist as an exact science. So too does the Law of Attraction. Fortunately, this law is much simpler to understand and every bit as useful.

It does not work by granting your wishes or bringing simple desires to life. And just because you always think about a certain thing you want doesn't mean you will get it. However, it can and will make things happen for you if you learn how to apply it. Just like other Universal laws, you have to follow the rules of the law. If someone tells you, "I tried that. It didn't work for me," or if you have tried it before and not had any success, that doesn't mean it's not real. It just means that you, or the other person, did not have the right understanding of the law and did not follow the rules.

When you understand the law of electricity and the principles by which it works, you know that if wires are not connected together in a specific way, the electricity will not flow. Hence, you will not have electrical power. If you connect the wires together incorrectly, it could be disastrous. You might even get hurt or killed. The Law of Attraction is very similar. If you don't connect the energy flow in a specific way, by using your thoughts AND your feelings, nothing will happen. You will have no power. If you use wrong thinking, which will generate negative feelings, it can be disastrous as well (see Chapter 9).

There are many books that you can find on this subject, but as I mentioned in the first chapter the one that explains it most throughly is The Master Key System by Charles Haanel. It is so uplifting that it has inspired many people, including those who are not necessarily writers, to write about how it changed their lives and inspired them to share their experiences to benefit all of humanity. I am one of them. My hopes are that someday, Universal laws, including the Law of Attraction, are taught in school systems all over the world. While the principles of a few of them are included in science classes, they are not recognized as Universal laws per se.

Another great book (a very easy read) that enjoyed enormous popularity, and was even made into a movie is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Like me, she was inspired by The Master Key System and shared her story of how it changed her life. In her book, you will also learn about many other very successful and well-known people who attribute their success and happiness to the knowledge gained from studying the Law of Attraction. Many of these people started out in life just like you and me. That very fact should be enough for you to take notice. This is powerful knowledge that has the ability to change lives, including yours.

As always, I encourage your participation. SEARCH: and learn. If you have a question, let me know. Take the time to learn something NEW, tell your family and friends, and join the conversation. It's exciting and fun! I look forward to hearing from you. The Artisan Victor

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