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In the 21st century, life has become very complex as people everywhere are increasingly more aware of the serious problems that face humanity. Global Change and the warming of our planet, the huge separation between the have's and the have-nots, systemic racism prevalent in every culture - and the politics of who is wright and who is wrong overshadowing everything. In addition to that, we have become a more divided people with the concept of "truth" meaning something different for everybody as they rationalize its meaning to fit their individual perception of reality.  

We have come to this point in the history of the human race as a matter of evolution, not as a declining species... although it may appear so. The fact is that spiritual ignorance is at the basis of so many of the problems we now face. Because ignorance is not an intentional lack of knowledge, the way to combat any form of ignorance is through education. In school we learn about mathematics, history, language, and, of course, reading and writing. But we are never taught how to think - the single most important thing any person can do. We are never taught the importance of truth vs. opinion relative to belief, what Universal Laws are about, what the human heritage is beyond a person's nationality or culture; and we are never taught about consciousness (spirituality devoid of religion) as a fundamental principal of human nature.

LIFE KNOWLEDGE 101 - Truth and the Power Of Thought covers the following topics:

  • Truth vs Opinion   

  • Universal Truth vs. Individual Truth

  • The God Concept and Ego

  • The World Within and the World Without

  • Universal Laws and Living Energy

  • The Faith & Science behind Consciousness 

  • Controlling the Power of Thought

  • The Truth about our Heritage

  • Leading with your Soul, not your Ego

  • Healthy Living and the Human Condition                   

The subject of LIFE KNOWLEDGE 101 answers many questions people have about our existance, human nature in general, and where we go from here. It answers questions about who we are, where we come from, and our supernatural abilities because of that. It explains why truth matters and why it is important to always speak the truth. It also describes the caustic nature of hatred, the mindset of "don't like," and the damage this thinking does to the individual as well as to humanity. Understanding all of this changed my life for the better. It made me a better person, more compassionate and tolerant of my differences with other people. I can say with certainty that it improved the quality of my life.

Understanding the knowledge presented in LIFE KNOWLEDGE 101 - Truth and the Power Of Thought will change lives. It will teach the young and the old how to become better, happier, and more successful people. It will give them the basic knowledge they need to solve the problems created by the human condition, and evolve. When you consider the alternative, isn't that the better choice?!




what people are saying...

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Leonard Parise


"Being the father of two teenagers, I can honestly say that the information learned from Life Knowledge 101 gives them a great understanding of the laws that govern our existance. This will give them an advantage in life for sure. Life Knowledge 101 should be required in school reading for all young adults and all those that are curious about our place in the universe."


"LIFE KNOWLEDGE 101 is the kind of book you will return to over and over again. It's like therapy for the soul. There is just so much engaging information to support your journey in life."

Deblee Honda

Corporate Recruiter


Jim Doria


"Every time I pick up and read (and reread) Victor's book, it brings me out of myself and into a more accepting relationship with this world of ours. I start realizing the bigger picture and it always changes my perspective to more of an optimistic nature. There is so much there, I read a little everyday for inspiration. Thank you Victor!"


A Moment of Truth

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Think About It

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