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Working as a creative - as an artist and now an author - The Artisan Victor is recognized by this name. During his childhood, at the early age of 10, The Artisan Victor began a love affair with reading books. After reading about Native American Indians, specifically the medicine man, he developed a keen interest in the "spirit world." Fast forward to his mid-teens, his interests progressed to that of transformational nonfiction through the writing of Maxwell Maltz and his book titled Psycho-Cybernetics. He applied what he learned to his favorite sport of pole vaulting and even used this knowledge to help develop his personality. It worked beautifully!

Becoming aware of body, mind, and soul at a early age, The Artisan Victor continued studing higher consciousness throughout his professional career. Thousands of hours of study gave him an uncommon knowledge of consciousness, truth, and the soul from a wide variety of cultures, religions, metaphysics, and authors sharing what he calls "knowledge of substance." He applied what he learned and watched it work throughout 50 years of living, loving, friendships, career choices and family life - raising two healthy, happy boys in the process. From this he created the subject of Life Knowledge 101 - Truth and the Power Of Thought.

The Artisan Victor has spent most of his professional career in the field of Art & Architecture. Designing, building, making, and now writing as an educator - The Artisan Victor is an accomplished creator. He has produced a diverse body of work, including Architectural Design & Woodworking, Architectural Ceramics, Multi-media Artwork, Web Design, Marketing, and the construction of fantastic Multimillion-dollar Homes. Available for viewing at Using body and mind, he is a talented artisan, intellectual, and entrepreneur with a working knowledge of many occupations and professions. He is most notably known for his ability to construct large estate sized mansions with complex structural design, high-end interior design, and hi-tech automation. He attributes this success to his understanding of higher consciousness and the art of intuition. "If I am interested in something, I simply begin to work at it. The skill and knowledge needed for that endeavor happens innately through intuition. Action is the key to success." He speaks the truth.

Having worked with more than a thousand people from all walks of life throughout his career, the Artisan Victor knows people. He knows them from the inside out. He knows what's missing in their lives, especially for young people. "As young people enter their 'terrible teens,' their ego has full control over their lives. It is constantly on display for better or worse. What's missing is an understanding of who they, where they come from, and their supernatural abilities because of that." Sharing knowledge of substance in Life Knowledge 101 answers these questions.

comments from my editor...

Dear Victor,

"I love how possitive your message is! I also love how you reiterate that knowledge and spiritual growth is possible for every single one of us and it can change our lives in so many possitive ways. I love the overriding message of YOU MATTER. Very life-affirming! The way you use your own experiences and painful times in your life makes you an authentic and trustworthy voice, so the reader takes in what you say very seriously because they know you have lived the struggles yourself and are now walking the walk of your message."

"I really enjoyed your book, and learned a lot too! You have an engaging, authentic voice that your audience will be drawn to. You are able to convey complicated concepts in a clear way and you illustrate them with examples and stories that make the concepts come alive in the readers imagination."

All my best, Bessie


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Think About It

Ideas and concepts to think about as you engage your daily life. Victor regularly posts motivational messages every week. Follow him on popular platforms and stay inspired!

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