A Message from The Artisan

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This website exists as a refuge for the truth. A place where people can go, and and have faith that what they are learning is true for all humankind. Everything you learn within this website is factual knowledge. The source of this knowledge is both common and uncommon. While I feel the common knowledge is not well understood, I hope to clarify that with uncommon knowledge that has been around for thousands of years - as well as some that has become available within the last half century. 

The purpose behind Life Knowledge 101 is to share real life knowledge of substance with all the people of the world. In doing so, I welcome families, adolescents, youths, young people and open minded adults to engage in conversation that will benefit every individual. I believe that if we are going to change the destiny of humankind, and this planet we share, it will require a change of thinking; as well as the desire to create a better life for all. Who better to accept that challenge, and make it happen, than the youth that will inherit the world. The knowledge and information presented here WILL help all who believe, all who have faith, and all who participate in making our world better.

To those that would question the truth, I say bravo. It is that same character that lead me down the path of knowledge many years ago. I only ask this of you: if you question, take the time to learn real knowledge regarding your question. Learn from credible people in the know. Don't come to a conclusion based on opinion, or an ideology that works in your favor. Question and accept the truth, speak the truth and learn to live by it. Practice truth and it will surly benefit your life, and the lives of all you come in contact with. This is my contribution to humankind with gratitude for all I have experienced, all I have learned, and the opportunity to share it with the world.

The Artisan Victor

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LIFE KNOWLEDGE 101 - Truth and The Power of Thought was written as an idea composition, a simplified way to understand the Universe and how the human experience is affected by the supernatural aspect of our existence. It is an introduction to your soul that will truthfully take you places you have never been, and the final realization of who you are, and where you come from. Understanding truth and the power of thought, will change your life forever. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @theartisanvictor

For many years I have had the desire to share what I consider important knowledge of substance with anyone who would listen, knowledge that I have learned through the joy of reading. This book is a result of that desire. Because I feel it should also be taught in schools worldwide, I have given the subject a name - Life Knowledge 101. This website is a result of that, I hope you are listening.